Captain Hear’O came to Earth to BEAT loud noises with the help of his sidekick Dr. Audie and his new friend Slakkie!

He’ll use his awesome superpowers to defeat the Loud Lads and save our ears!

With his Super-Sonic-Hearing he can hear loud noises from VERY far away. He uses his Super-Sonic-Speed to quickly get to the noises and then uses his Super-Sonic-Silencer power to mute the sounds and save some ears!

With Captain Hear’Os help we’ll protect our ears and prevent hearing loss for sure!


Did you know….

This is what your ear looks like on the inside?

The Cochlea looks just like Slakkie, Captain Hear’Os new friend!

Captain Hear’O and Dr. Audie want to help you protect your ears! Our ears are very sensitive to loud noises and if we listen to loud music from our earphones, or working in constant noise like your dad’s factory, or listening to a lawnmower or even an ambulance siren, can permanently damage our ears!

Luckily there are things we can do to help prevent damage to our ears. Damage can cause us to lose our hearing. Here are some things to think about to help you know if you might already have some hearing loss:


Do your ears hurt a lot?


Can your one ear hear better than the other?


Do you struggle to hear people talking when driving in a car?


Do you struggle to hear your teacher in the class?


Does it feel like something is in your ear?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, ask your mom, dad, granny or teacher to phone Dr. Audie for a Hearing Screening.

Wondering if it will hurt and if you have to be scared?


Did you know….

You can download some cool colouring pictures and activities of Captain Hear’O and his friends?

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Wondering how you can help Captain Hear'O and Dr. Audie to protect your ears?


put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear!


make a loud noise in the classroom. Noise is bad for your ears!


ever scream into someone’s ears!


ever hit anyone on their ears!

The Loud Lads use these noises that can harm your ears:

  • lawnmower
  • drill
  • grinder
  • ambulance
  • gunshots
  • police vehicles
  • ice-cream trucks
  • aeroplanes
  • vacuum cleaners
  • bells
  • loud music

You can listen to the Captain Hear’O songs and watch his music videos any time you want!

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Captain Hear'O has lots of adventures that are all captured in his story book & comic collection!

Ask a grownup to help you buy the book you want. You can read it on your phone, tablet and computer! Or you can ask them to print it out for you!


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